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High Definition HD-TVI CCTV

High Definition CCTV HD

Below please find the image comparison between 800 TVL analogue & HD-CCTV

HD CCTV vs Analogue CCTV

Analogue Image                                                      HD Image


  • 4 x Resolution
  • Easy to install using existing cabling
  • Easy to setup, true plug and play
  • High definition pictures day or night
  • 1080P / 720P

 What is HD CCTV?


The High Definition system allows users to transport uncompressed, high-resolution video over coaxial cable. The HD-TVI technology offer seamless compatibility with multiple video formats, from standard 420-1000 TVL analogue to 720p/1080p HD CCTV to Megapixel IP cameras. The technology offers benefits of less delay of live view, OSD adjustment through the DVR unit, remote control of motorized lens cameras, and PTZ control through coaxial cable. Whilst the previous HD-SDI over coax method is limited by cable type and distance, the new HD-TVI supports 1080p resolution at distances over 1000 feet. The HD-TVI Technology is ideal for migration from a 420-1000 TVL analogue system to a Megapixel resolution, maximizing return on investment because it can use an existing cabling infrastructure. The HD CCTV camera provides high-definition video that installs as easily as a standard analogue camera.

This High Definition technology is replacing the present analogue systems that are being phased out by the manufacturers.

Being able to use existing coaxial cabling means a better natural upgrade path from analogue to HD CCTV can now be acheived. By upgrading to a HD DVR recorder customers are able to connect their existing analogue cameras to a HD CCTV system and also upgrade or add HD CCTV 1080P Megapixel cameras to vital areas of importance.



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