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Retail Security Tagging Systems

Invotech manufactures and supplies a range of EAS security systems (Retail Security Systems) for Retail Security, Library Security, Museum and Heritage Sites etc.. These systems incorporate the latest technology to protect merchandise from Shoplifters and thieves to improve your profits. As well as good system performance other quality components include RF tags, AM tags, Specialist Tags, Detachers, Deactivators and labels.

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) or security tagging is a proven and effective deterrent against retail crime

Benefits of Security Tagging

  1. Reduces shoplifting by protecting displayed goods, which directly leads to an increase in profits

  2. By openly displaying goods without the need for chains, cabinets or locks, sales tend to increase through the impulse buy as customers can touch and feel the displayed goods

  3. Security systems can help reduce manpower as the system will not be ill or go on holiday, its like having a member of staff working for a reduced rate 365 days of the year. This enables your existing staff to concentrate on your customers and sell more

Note:  We are not box shifters, but solution providers, therefore our committment is to our customers, our technical staff are available should you need to discuss your requirements fully, so that the final solution fits your needs and is capable of expanding with your future needs.

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